Fields of Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law our attorneys practice.

Our Specializations

Estates & Trusts

In addition to her law degree, Attorney Kent holds a Certificate in Estate & Trust Planning, and can tailor estate plans to meet your family's needs, whether they involve estate tax concerns, asset protection, disabled family members, or simple wills, powers of attorney, and health care proxies.


Family Law Litigation and Mediation

We handle all manner of Family Law matters, including: Divorce, Alimony, Adoption, Child Support, and Modification Actions.


We represent individuals in contested matters, such as divorce, but we also assist couples who choose to negotiate their divorce or other conflict, and will mediate a well-constructed agreement.  Mediation is generally a less expensive and less stressful alternative to litigation, and gives the couple a guide to assist them through the process.


Prenuptial Agreements- With the rising number of second (or more) marriages, this contract can be a wise choice.


Limited Assistance Representation- (also know as LAR)  We provide cost-effective a la carte legal services.  We can prepare legal documents, or review those you've prepared yourself, or tailor services to your needs. We are court-certified in Massachusetts.


Elder Law


1. Long-term care planning, including advice regarding long-term care insurance and the availability of Medicaid;


2. Guardianship of the person and conservatorship of the estate;


3. Probate of wills and will contests;


4. Trust administrations;


5. Planning for the care of physically or mentally disabled children and adults, including special needs trusts;


6. Dissolution of marriage where one spouse is physically or mentally disabled; and,


7. Elder abuse and exploitation.


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